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Over the years we’ve learned that often times a small pest problem is the sign of something bigger. Experience why local families and their pets smile about their Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions experience. Click or call today for fast, friendly & affordable pest control services!
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We offer a variety of services to all customers – residential or commercial!

Homeowners Residential Pest Control West Palm Beach

Residential Pest Control

Shoreline Pest Control Services provides speedy residential pest control solutions for your house or apartment building.

Commercial Pest Control

Shoreline Pest Control Services also provides detailed, customized, and systematic Pest control solutions for larger commercial properties and companies. Our services cover both large and smaller-scale commercial properties like hotels, restaurants, stores, etc.

Industrial Pest Control

Shoreline Pest Control services also take on large industrial properties that require expert care and attention. We can treat multiple pest types or a single pest and guarantee 100% satisfaction after treatment.


Pest Prevention

At Shoreline Pest Control Services, we believe preventing pests invasion is just as important as removing them after the fact. We provide quality pest control services that are just as effective at keeping pests out as our other popular extermination services. 

If your property has a history with a returning or stubborn pest, you can call us to place preventive measures in place to ensure that you don’t have to deal with those pests again.

Termite Control

Termites are particularly difficult to spot and treat without professional help or assistance. They hide in furniture, door frames and can cause nearly irreparable damage to your property and home. 

Shoreline professional exterminators have dealt with termites numerous times and can employ strategies and solutions that will identify and exterminate all termites on your property


When they are not carting off dead insects, sweets, greasy meats, and seeds, they will hide in walls, under floorboards, and in the soil near your property. Left unchecked, ants will drastically increase in numbers and can lasting damage to your home and property. More dangerous species of ants like fire ants can also cause immense pain when and discomfort when they attack. Shoreline Pest control services specialize in Pest control and extermination of numerous species of ants. We can clear your home of those tiny invaders in no time at all


Roaches are not only famous for their legendary toughness and resistance, they are also dangerous and can be incredibly difficult to find and exterminate, especially if your if there are more than a few hiding in your home. Call Shoreline for a speedy and long-lasting solution to your pest problem.


Most household pests are skilled at hiding- it’s essential for their survival- so it can sometimes be tricky to find and exterminate them. Shoreline Pest Control service exterminators are also skilled inspectors. If you aren’t quite sure whether your home is infested or not, call us and have us check for you?

“What can I say about Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions other than they are a “wonderful company to deal with.” In South Florida, pest control can be a real issue and you need to know that you are dealing with a company you can trust! Thank you Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, you are fantastic.”

– Lori B, Palm Springs

Dynamite service from a friendly staff, we always recommend Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions to all our

– James T, Palm Springs

Our Commitment to You

We are proud to service residential and commercial clients in the Palm Springs area including Lake Worth, Lantana, Delray Beach and Martin County.

We are fully committed to integrity, customer
satisfaction and offering quality service to the
local communities we serve.

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