Rodent Elimination, Cleanup and Sanitization Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Rodents are the number one pest in North America. Understanding how rats and mice live and eat helps to keep them out of your house and offer you protection from the health hazards associated with these gnawing mammals. The economic impact upon the U.S. economy is also significant as evidenced by contaminated grain, destroyed equipment and infrastructure, and lost labor productivity. The focus is how to keep you, your family, and your property safe from a destructive, and potentially dangerous, rodent infestation.

This is where we come in. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions Environmental Pest Control has amassed over 50 years of experience in the control of insect pests, Lawn & Ornamental Services, and all aspects of Rodent Control in Palm Beach Gardens, from prevention to trapping to full mitigation and restoration.

There is no need to sensationalize the ramifications of rodent diseases that can be spread, directly or indirectly, but they should be noted for awareness and avoidance. How do we keep these unfortunate results of rodent contact at bay? We practice the latest techniques in IPM, Integrated Pest Management, to offer a proactive stance in excluding rats and mice from your home. If our efforts are for the elimination of a rodent infestation, we provide, if necessary, a full mitigation service of rodent trapping, cleanup, decontamination, and restoration.

Prevention is always the best solution. Rodents seek water, a food source, and shelter. Houses located close to a body of water are more susceptible to visits from mice and rats. Rats and mice are endemic in all parts of South Florida. Rodents range from their nesting area to seek food. We request help and cooperation from our customers to lessen conducive conditions that attract these vermin. Maintaining a sanitary and clean outside environment will mitigate the attraction of these critters. Several steps can be taken for their Exclusion.

Landscaping and plants should not overhang the roofline allowing an easy avenue of entry through vents and conduits. All vertical roof penetrations require screening to block access. Soffits and roof hips must leave no spacing for entry. All penetrations of the exterior surfaces should be blocked with a non-rusting metal mesh. Trim plants around the house. Phone lines, A/C conduits, utility lines and clothes dryer vents are some examples that should be inspected for proper seals, and repaired if needed.

If more than one-half inch of spacing exists, rodents are very adept at flattening out and slipping under these small openings. Doors and sweeps, whether garage or entry doors should provide a tight seal.

All areas around windows should be caulked and suitably sealed. Sounds like a lot. It makes sense to call in a professional rodent control service to safeguard your home.

Bait station monitoring around the perimeter of the structure is a proactive deterrent to discourage interior attacks. We highly recommend these devices as part of a full-service rodent protection plan. Rodent Exclusion is the first line of defense. With our initial visit, we will inspect and offer you a checklist of vulnerabilities that may have been the cause, or can become the cause for rodent penetration within your home. We, at Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, pride ourselves in being a locally owned company that can empathize with your rodent problem and customize a plan of action to eliminate them and keep them out of your house.

Rodents are out there. If they become “in there,” then extermination is required using snap traps and other means. Trapping for mice or rats is dependent upon the extent of the infestation. In areas of the home where there is human or pet traffic, the placement of the traps would be different than installation in an attic or ground crawl. Non-poisonous attractants can help lure the rodents to the snap traps. The world has not really built a better “mouse trap” that can effectively capture these mammals. Snap traps strategically placed, are the most effective and humane way to eliminate an infestation. Rodents are intelligent and cautious creatures that may take several days before positive results occur. Our experienced technicians will attack your rodent problem, no matter how unique, to restore your home to a safe and healthy condition.

After a severe rodent infestation, cleanup can be both challenging and hazardous. Our Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions Co. professional service can take the necessary steps to protect our pest control technicians as the cleanup begins while securing your home or business. Rodent droppings, urine, and grease stains should be professionally removed. Waste dust is vacuumed up with special HEPA filtration machines for containment and safety. We can also replace any contaminated insulation with new material that can help reduce your electrical bill and possibly provide a tax rebate. The replacement of contaminated insulation, whether rolled bat or blown fiberglass or cellulose, can also improve the IAQ-indoor air quality of your home. The final interior treatment is sanitizing and deodorizing the attic crawl, and other possible areas, using fogging equipment and industrial grade chemicals and cleaning products. However, the Exclusion process must be done first to prevent future access of Roof Rats, Norway Rats, or common mice. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions Co. can offer a one-stop rodent elimination experience.

When you call Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions Co. to restore your home and belongings to a safe, healthy, and viable environment, rest assured you are contacting a professional and caring company. Our goal is to relieve your stress, by eliminating current rodent infestations, provide a remedy for future infestations, and restore your home to its pre-loss condition.

With an on-going service agreement, we will guarantee the results of maintaining a rodent free home for you. This warranty can also be expanded to include all residential or commercial pests. For a fair and honest evaluation and service call us at (561) 842-4700.