Termite Control in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Palm Beach Gardens and the rest of south Florida is a hotbed for termite infestations that can cause extensive structural damage to your home and your personal possessions. With our hot and humid climate we have not one, but two types of termites, that can wreak havoc on your property or business.

Most Floridians are familiar with the garden variety of the subterranean termites. They live in the ground and build mud tubes to gain entry into your home. There are several species, some more destructive than others. Formosan termites can be extremely difficult to eliminate under certain conditions.

The second type of termite is called the Drywood Termite. These social insects live in trees and other outside sources that also provide their food–cellulose or wood. These termites are aerial attackers and fly into your attic or ground crawlspace. They can also start their damaging presence by doors, windows, and siding. Since they live differently, the treatment is also termite-specific. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions offers several different, economical and convenient treatment plans, to eliminate these wood destroying organism from your house or business.

“No Tent” refers to the preferred treatment against Drywood Termites. As with all our services, we thoroughly inspect your property for signs of an infestation. It may be iridescent wings in the attic or on a window sill. It may be the entire termite body that is visible. It could be a swarming around a light in your house in the evening. If you should discover the frass (fecal pellets) of these termites, then you know that some damage, perhaps significant, has already occurred. Generally, in CBS block homes, localized treatments can remedy this infestation.

Our technicians can treat known galleries in the wood with an injection of a foam Termidor product. Some of the drywood termites, before they die in several days, will groom and feed other termites transferring the killing agent in the product. This will reduce, if not eradicate the colony, down to an insignificant number. The attic or crawlspace may be sprayed with Timbor also to destroy and add residual protection against any future drywood termite flights.

An honest and thorough inspection is needed to ascertain that the structure is treatable using the above processes. For older framed homes, that have heavy and numerous points of infestation, a fumigation-TENTING- of the structure may be required. Most homes can forgo this intrusive and inconvenient service. But, if Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions thinks a fumigation is a proper treatment, we would recommend that, though we do not offer this service. In this case, we would never attempt to offer an alternative service that would not solve your problem. We are a family owned and operated company with an outstanding reputation. Our “No Tent”  process offers numerous advantages over a fumigation. Your family or business does not have to shut down and move out for several days, no removal of un-canned food, cosmetics, and medications. Your pets are not dislocated; there is no damage to exterior landscaping (that hopefully we fertilize and protect for you.) And the structure and in particular the roof is not subjected to traumatic exposures. If we can offer our services for the treatment of Drywood Termites, we will provide a guarantee that is binding to the property as long as the annual renewal is paid.

Subterranean termites live and breed in the soil. They may be a few feet from your foundation, since there are, on the average from 4-8 colonies per acres in our area of South Florida. They are much more destructive than their drywood cousins, and a colony may contain up to a million termites. The economic impact upon your home can be mitigated with the  professional application of Termidor.

Our technicians utilize a TermaTrac sonar device to locate moving termites within the walls and building materials of your home. This is also effective in discovering the galleries of drywood termites.

By treating the perimeter of the foundation with liquid Termidor, removing any visible mud tubes (termite highways), and protecting access points, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions can successfully eliminate the active infestations and safeguard your home. We GUARANTEE IT!

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions can provide both “No Tent” solutions for Drywood Termites and Termidor trenching, foaming, and spraying to eliminate subterranean termites from your home or place of business. We possess the skilled experience to maximize new technology, science, and industry leading equipment to restore your property to a safe state. Our written guarantees have added value if you plan to refinance or sell your property. You will have transferable, written documentation that the termite issue has been resolved. Our termite service includes an annual inspection and retreatment if termites re-infest your property. We proudly stand by all the services we provide to our customers. Just call us for a no-cost inspection, at the least you will secure peace of mind concerning termites and the damage they can cause. We are always available by calling (561) 842-4700.