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With our usually excellent weather, West Palm Beach homes, lawns, and gardens are under threat from insects year round. Even when it is too cool for bees or wasps to threaten children and pets, silverfish, beetles, cockroaches, and more can still find a way to infest a home, destroy lawns, and strip shrubs unless the homeowner has a plan in place.

At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we take West Palm Beach pest control very seriously. For every homeowner, we recommend an annual contract to stay on top of existing threats and prepare for the next ones. Even in Florida, there are some seasonal changes, and certain insects and other threats become active when the weather changes because of the calendar or when a storm sits off our coast in the Atlantic or the Gulf, waiting to move onshore.

Before launching into a new contract, one of our inspectors walks across the property and through the home with the homeowner, to determine the exact needs. Factors we consider are the type of grass, shrubs, and other landscaping, the material of the home, and the preferences of the owner when it comes to using pesticides, both standard and ones determined to be environmentally friendly. For interiors, we often use bait traps and glue boards in out of the way areas to reduce the number of pesticides but can spray these areas when required.

Each annual contract contains six, bi-monthly sprays. We provide free call-backs and encourage our customers to contact us if they suspect a problem. If there is an early arrival of a particularly nasty variety of flea, tick, or another pest, our crews can arrive ahead of schedule to take care of the problem immediately.

Taking care of a residence does not always require the owner to be present. In our almost fifty years in the business, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions has developed a solid reputation in caring for snowbird homes as well. Regardless if the owner is a year-round resident, we treat her as such and make certain every home is safe for occupation, every day of the week.

This reputation also extends to working with area HOAs. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions is careful to ensure we do not break neighborhood rules when it comes to spraying on the correct days and time of day. As a family-owned company, we understand that each street is an introduction to area homes, and we complete each service operation quickly so that our commercial vehicles remain parked at the curb for as little time as possible.

For further info, or to schedule an inspection with a free estimate, contact us today at (561) 842-4700. We are here to help you keep your home safe and beautiful.

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