Termites live throughout West Palm Beach. The ones most people see on their patios or in old trees are Drywood termites. While they are destructive, the much larger threat to area homes are the Subterranean termites. They live in underground colonies with as many as eight colonies existing on every acre in South Florida.

Since this species hides underground, spray pesticides are much less effective. They affect termites at the entrances and exits but do not penetrate very far into the colonies themselves. To eliminate the entire threat, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions uses a baiting system that the worker termites are attracted to and spreads to the rest of the colony.

One of the most effective baiting systems on the market today is Sentricon. After we perform a thorough inspection to determine the location of the colonies under the home and the mud tubes or highways termites use to travel between them and enter your home, technicians install the bait stations. These can be above ground at entry points, or we can install them underground next to the mud tubes with an access panel flush with the surface of the lawn. For certain jobs, Sentricon is more effective even than Termidor.

Once worker termites discover the bait, they are 10 times more likely to consume it than the wood in your home. Even better, the workers spread the word of a new food source to the rest of the colonies. The ‘food’ is Noviflumuron, a poison which prevents termites from molting. It halts the maturation process and then quickly kills them. Without workers, the queen in each colony soon dies as well.

To prevent new colonies from growing large enough to affect your home, we regularly check the bait stations to replenish them and perform a new inspection to make certain they are still in the right locations. We determine this maintenance schedule according to the need of each home and your preferences.

Sentricon is easy to install and very cost-effective. There is no need for excavation work, drilling through concrete pads or foundation slabs, or interior work that can alter the appearance of your home. If you suspect you have termites, or simply have questions, call Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions today at (561) 907-8629.

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