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Jupiter is a growing community when it comes to both residents and economic opportunity. Being on the coast and having the Loxahatchee River as our northern border provides for a lot of recreational enjoyments as well. Our prime location also makes area homes vulnerable to the extensive species of pests in our state, however.

Since the best way to protect homes is to keep the threats out, exterior pest control for Jupiter homes is the preferred method for our professionals here at Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions. Since every species of pest needs sources of moisture and food to thrive, one of the first things our pest control teams look at is the landscaping.

Homeowners spend thousands of dollars to create their unique home exterior, but often cut corners when it comes to maintaining it. The best defense against pest infestations is to keep their lawns, shrubs, gardens, and trees healthy. Under-watered and underfed landscaping is far more attractive to insects and other pests than healthy plants, trees, and grasses.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions’s on-staff horticulturalist examines the result of an initial inspection to determine the specific needs of each home. In most cases, this usually means an adjustment to the amount of water used by the homeowner and a change in the fertilizer or food given to the various landscape items.

In some cases, the landscaping itself may be the problem. There may be a requirement to move plants to reduce or increase the amount of exposure to sunlight. A few trees and species of shrubs require a significant amount of water or nutrients, and ‘starve’ everything else close to their root structures. The only solutions here are to move the items to another location or replace them with a different species more compatible with the surrounding items.

Each home has its advantages and threats when it comes to pest control. At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we protect every home with as little disruption to the landscape and the homeowner’s life as possible. If you have pests, or a brown and dying yard, call us at (561) 842-4700 today to schedule a service call and receive a free estimate on what our pest control teams can do for you.

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