Fall Pest Control Options For Lake Worth Beach Homes

Interior / Exterior Household Pest Control Services

The only green near Lake Worth Beach is golf courses, a couple of small parks, and residential landscaping. That does not mean our community is free from the threat of pests, however. Every homeowner needs to take steps to protect their property with a plan that adjusts with the seasons.

When it comes to Fall pest control, protect your Lake Worth Beach property with a regular maintenance schedule that eliminates any pests present, prepares the home and landscaping to resist seasonal threats, and improves the health of your gardens and lawn. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions pest control specialists can create and implement a plan that fits every home and budget.

Even in a more constant climate like ours, there are still plants, shrubs, and trees that only bloom at this time of year. Many of them then attract a particular type of insect or other pests. Our staff horticulturalist can identify which of these botanical items are on each property and make recommendations for pesticides, fertilizers, or removal and replacement.

We use pesticides as both the first and last line of defense. For any visible pests, the quickest way to get rid of them is to spray a chemical agent directly on them and any hives or colonies one of our inspectors might discover. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions technicians also use pesticides they can leave out as bait or insert into the ground.

The best way to stop pests without resorting to pesticides is by keeping the lawn healthy. Our lawn care specialists can quickly identify where grass, plants, or trees need a more powerful fertilizer or if they need a little more or less water for the best results. Insects and other pests quickly move to other, poorly maintained yards.

If you have a shrub or tree that draws a heavy pest presence each year, the best method of protection is removal. Our staff experts can quickly identify an alternative to every type of vegetation on your lawn that is not just more pest-resistant, but also provides a beautiful addition to the landscape of your property.

Our goal at Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions is to protect every Lake Worth Beach home from pests. To learn more about how we protect your home and property, call us today at (561) 842-4700. No matter what else blows through our community this Fall, we are here for you.

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