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In West Palm Beach, the rodent population is usually unseen, but very extensive. Most species can breed and grow quickly outside, but prefer the structure of an area home for security and a ready source of food. Removing them once they get inside requires a professional extermination service.

As a rodent exterminator in West Palm Beach, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions has extensive experience. Our founder and president, John Bumgarner, started almost fifty years ago, supporting his neighbors and fellow Floridians in keeping their homes free of rodents.

Attics and inside walls are favorite nesting areas. Once rodents have established a nest, their waste contaminates everything it touches. When enough builds up, it becomes a health hazard for residents and anyone else who come into contact with it.

Unlike most insects and other pests, rodents can bring diseases with them along with the mess. Their waste often serves as a breeding source for infections like Leptospirosis. This bacterial disease can lead to liver problems, kidney failure, respiratory issues, and even death.

To start the process, one of our inspectors performs an inspection of every possible entrance a rodent might utilize into a home and then look for signs of nesting. Understanding how they entered the home helps our technicians to get rid of the rodents and prevent further intrusions. While it is possible to trap and release them, exterminating rodents in the home or when they try to enter is the only sure way to stop them.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions makes every effort to protect children and family pets, but if a homeowner has a major rodent infestation, the priority has to be removing this threat. One of the most effective methods we have is still the original snap trap with poisoned bait. It effectively kills mice and other rodents and is easy to clear of carcasses, reset with fresh bait, and replace for the next furry pest to come along. On the rare occasion, a rodent survives the trap; the bait finishes them.

If you even suspect there is a rodent problem in your West Palm Beach home, contact Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions today. Call us at (561) 842-4700 for a thorough inspection of your home.

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