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Many options exist when a homeowner finds ants or other interior pests roaming around their home.  Some options are not effective for your home’s particular situation.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions develops an individual pest control plan for the interior of every Palm Beach Gardens home. It is necessary since no two homes are going to have the same problems, even when they are on the same the street.

Our specialists begin with questions on what grass, shrubs, and trees are on the property and when the owner planted them. The answer provides our team with which pests are more likely to appear outside the home, feed on the plants, and try to find a way inside to either build a home or search for more food.

Recent home improvement actions and nearby construction can disturb the area, causing more pests to enter the home looking to replace a home displaced by construction equipment and workers. Specialists also question if there was another, recent infestation or flooding in the area as well. Each answer helps team members determine the most likely entry points into the home and where to setup baits and other traps.

Since this is an interior plan, we try to use as few poisons as possible when there are children or pets present. Our preferred method to eliminate pests is to use bait traps that either kill and hold the corpse inside a trap small hands cannot get into, or allow the pest to ingest the poison and then return to their colony or nest to poison the rest of the population.

In addition to these initial efforts, every homeowner needs to consider an annual pest control plan for the interior of their Palm Beach Gardens home. While the seasonal changes are mild in our state, different insects and other pests still hibernate or become active only at certain times of the year. Spraying or setting baits out for these threats until they begin to appear is simply a waste of time and effort. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions quarterly inspections and pest control efforts help keep every home safe year-round.

We are proud to serve our fellow neighbors in Palm Beach Gardens and have done so for almost thirty years. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions technicians understand the local area and pest threats better than almost anyone else in South Florida. If you need us, call (561) 842-4700 today.

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