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Lake Worth homes face an extensive number of threats from indigenous and foreign pests brought in with food and animals. At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we offer plans tailored to every home to keep it safe from everything from rodents to termites.

A thorough interior pest control plan for any Lake Worth home includes insecticides, pesticides, baits, and traps. Our control teams start at ground level to determine how each type of pest got into the home and where they are nesting if the infestation is that far along.

Technicians begin by examining the home for entry points. Rodents can squeeze into incredibly small cracks and openings, so team members block them wherever possible. Since garage doors stay open for hours at a time, prevention is not always effective though. When it comes to insects, technicians look for trails and other indications in the lawn just outside the structure.

These indicate the best location for possible nests or where there is at least a source of food or water. For both types of pest, we can use baits that they ingest or otherwise collect and return to their nest or colony. The bait quickly spreads and poisons the entire infestation. For rodents, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions team members also set down baited snap traps to attract and eliminate them. A garage or outside laundry room is also a good location to begin using insecticides and pesticides.

Moving farther into the home, we continue to use snap traps as long as there is no threat to children or household pets. Technicians also use insecticides and pesticides in out-of-the-way corners to eliminate pests. Our teams carefully monitor every use of any poison to ensure residential safety and to prevent excess from getting into the water table.

If there is an infestation in the crawlspace or attic, we examine it for entry points just like the garage or laundry room and seal them where possible. If there is a major problem, we inform the owner immediately so she can make repairs. Once secured, team members use every tool available to eliminate the infestation.

At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we know that for many Lake Worth residents, their home is also their greatest financial and personal asset. With more than 20 years of experience, our goal is to take care of each home like it is our own. To develop your pest control plan, call us today at (561) 842-4700.

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