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West Palm Beach homes are at risk from rodents, termites, and other insects. These pests and others like millipedes can invade and infest a home before the owner is aware of them.

To stop or prevent an infestation, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions develops an individual, interior pest control plan for each West Palm Beach home. One of our team leaders begins with an interview and an inspection. If the homeowner wants to prevent an infestation, he asks about any previous infestations, recent flooding, and home repairs or improvements.

Each answer gives our team the information it needs to determine points in the home where pests are most likely to hide and provides a direction for our inspectors to find the high-risk access points where pests enter the residence. If we find any signs of an infestation, our pest control team begins laying down traps and sprays affected areas depending on what types of pests, droppings, or kinds of nests a technician discovers.

If there are no children or pets, our technicians can install traditional snap traps and open bait traps anywhere. The snap traps are excellent for rodents in the garage or outbuildings, and the bait traps can poison them where they travel or find food. We also use poison baits at the entry points into your home, so insects eat or absorb the bait and take it back to their colony to kill the population.

If they find a colony of insects, our teams spray it and any nearby sources of water to ensure they eliminate them. Each Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions team follows the state rules and EPA regulations to prevent contaminating the groundwater, so they do this carefully to avoid using too much or too many insecticides.

As technicians lay traps and spray, other team members take a non-invasive approach; they clean your residence, garage, and outdoor buildings. Allowing dust, debris, and cobwebs to collect in the corners or out-of-the-way areas of your home attracts pests, and gives them a place to hide. Regular cleaning, even just knocking down cobwebs and sweeping out the garage can make a real difference in protecting your West Palm Beach home.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions is a family-owned business serving our neighbors in West Palm Beach for almost thirty years. We understand the local environment and know that to protect your home; you need us to do more than just lay down a few snap traps or spray the perimeter of your home. If you have pests or want to be proactive in protecting your home, call us today at (561) 842-4700. We are here for you.

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