With an incredibly diverse insect and animal population in our state, West Palm Beach homeowners can face a greater threat to their properties than in other parts of the country. It is also why every home needs an individual plan to deal with the pest threat.

If you need interior pest control for your West Palm Beach property, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions specialists exam it from the roof to the garage floor. We look for any indication of pest droppings, molted insect shells, and separated wings from flying insects. Key areas are entrances, especially in garages and just under the roof.

The types of pest indicators we find help determine our methods of control. Since we are dealing with the inside of a home, that often means a risk to children and pets. The key here is to use pesticides in the most effective manner and in the smallest amounts possible to prevent accidents. We apply the same caution to the use of baited and snap traps wherever there is the possibility of injuries to small fingers, toes, and tails.

Where it might happen, our teams install traps where insects and other pests can enter, but cannot exit. These same traps do not allow for small hands and larger animals like cats and dogs to get in and take the poisoned baits.

At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we recommend every home and business has an annual pest control plan. Even though our change of seasons is mild at best, they do bring changes to what pests are active in our area. The local geography and landscaping are also important for us to understand to put together the best control plan. Certain types of pests prefer loose soil, while others only thrive where there are shrubs and trees.

At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we want to ensure that West Palm Beach homes are pest-free. With three decades of experience behind us, there are few other services that can perform at the same level. If you suspect there is a pest problem on your property, call us today at (561) 842-4700 to schedule a visit.

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