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Too many people look at Florida as the pest capital of the U.S. Yes, we have more problems with ants, cockroaches, and termites than many other states. That is not reflective of Lake Worth residents or anyone else; it is simply a matter of geography and temperature.

That does not mean a homeowner has to put with bugs in their residence. Pest control in Lake Worth is needed to thrive in this environment, and a professional service can do a lot to help not just personal comfort but keep up the appearance of a home and its landscaping.

Fire ants are considered an intrusive or non-native pest. They are especially damaging to the property on which rest a personal home, condominium, or apartment complex. The mounds they build are unsightly, and like an iceberg, show only a fraction of the threat to a residence.

Not every fire ant colony builds a visible mound though. They are also attracted to trees and dig their way into and under stumps and rotting logs. Other favorite places to build and hide are under buildings and pavement like parking lots and driveways. To get rid of the colonies, we have three options: Broadcast Bait Applications, Individual Mound Treatments, and Barrier and Spot Treatments.

A Broadcast Bait combines a favorite fire ant food with a quick poison or an insect growth inhibitor (IGR) which prevents reproduction. We apply the bait with a hand spreader, similar to what is used to spread grass seed on a lawn. If there is extensive acreage to treat, we may use a mechanical spreader pulled by a truck. We cover the area where the ants search for food. They bring the bait back to the colony and spread it to the other ants, including the queen.

An Individual Mound Treatment is just that. We apply a dry poison as a thick coat of dust over the mound, so the ants walk through it and track it through the entire colony. Some of these dry poisons our technicians mix with water and then spray it over the mound. To ensure we soak the mound completely, we use one to two gallons depending on the size.

With Barrier and Spot Treatments, we use most of the same poisons, but apply them to block fire ant access to property or building. It is our preferred method if we find only a few fire ants, but cannot locate any colony.

Ridding your home of fire ants and other pests is a pain-staking process. Every year, homeowners and residents attempt to destroy and remove the problem, only to accidentally poison themselves or a family pet. A professional service must accomplish proper pest control. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions has almost four decades of experience in helping our Lake Worth neighbors, so if you need us, call today at (561) 907-8629.

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