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At the first signs of termite infestations, you should be contacting professionally trained technicians to accurately assess the situation and remove these pests from your home. In our experience, a small pest problem is a sign of something bigger happening just out of sight. We’re more than great pest control, experience our Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions methods today.

We can provide your home in Lake Worth with quality no tent termite control, pest prevention, and full inspections to prevent the spread of major pest control problems. Older structures in this city are prone to termite infestations that should not be ignored. We proudly service residential homes and commercial clients, both large and small, throughout the area and are fully committed to providing you with high-quality customer service.

At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we understand that South Florida is the center for termite infestations that cause structural damage to your home and personal possessions. The hot, humid climate of the area provides the perfect environment for two different types of termites. The most familiar type are subterranean termites that live in the ground and build mud tubes that allow these creatures to gain entry into your home, with several species that have varying degrees of destructive power. Noteworthy now is the invasion of formosan subterranean termites, a particularly aggressive and destructive species. These destroyers require a perimeter treatment of the infested structure for eradication.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions also deals with Drywood Termites that live in trees and get their food from cellulose or wood. They’ll fly into your attic or through other crawl spaces found in your home and begin damaging your doors, windows, and siding. The time frame for termite damage can take several up to five years to be seen visibly. We offer several different, economical and convenient treatment plans to eliminate these awful organisms from your home. Fumigation of a home is now almost a method of drywood termination hardly used. Why deal with

The No Tent Termite Control method refers to a treatment against Drywood Termites that starts with a full inspection of your property for the signs of an infestation. We can identify these organisms by iridescent wings in the attic or on a window sill. It’s possible to get a glimpse of the entire termite body or a swarm gathering around a light during the evening. This swarm season typically starts around April or May, depending on temperature and humidity of the environment.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions can also identify this sort of infestation by discovering the frass (fecal pellets) left behind by these termites. These droppings located in kick out holes anywhere in your home signify that some damage has already occurred and treatment is necessary to remove the infestation.

Our technicians find and treat galleries in the wood with an injection of a foam Termidor product that attaches to the termites and transfers the killing agent to other termites by touch. Since these are social insects, not all termites need to have actual contact with the fipronil insecticide. So when these drywood termites groom and feed others in their colony, they also pass on the killing agent eradicating a colony within weeks. There is also a residual effect to Termidor that keeps on killing for up to at least seven years. We also offer an attic spraying of another herbicide to protect against future flights of these termites. Ask us about our guarantees and yearly inspection service.

A careful inspection is a critical first step in a No-Tent Termite Treatment. Don’t hesitate to contact Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions today. (561) 907-8629