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When seasons change, so do life’s activities. This means many things are pulled out of storage, closets, garages and from under beds. Items that have been used are either tossed into the garbage, given away to friends, family, or charities, or stored away for next year. During this time, your home should also be given a deep cleaning, where carpets are steam cleaned, spider webs are removed from darker corners in closets and garages, and clothing and bedding are aired out and freshened up.

In West Palm Beach, pest control should be a part of this time. Moving things around and ridding your home of spider webs only moves the spiders out, ready to look for another location. Other pests are also disturbed when you are cleaning and moving things around in your home, and the destruction of their homes can cause them to search out other hiding places. During their search, they often end up making their presence known.

Because they are out and about, this is also an excellent time for Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions professionals to visit your home. We can provide you and your family with the best in pest control at very affordable prices while keeping your children and pets safe. Chemicals and physical traps are used with great care and are highly effective. We can also help you identify insects that you’ve found and let you know if it is poisonous or can cause allergic reactions. Bites and stings are only one way insects can cause this in humans.

We will also implement other strategies that will prevent reinfestation. While some insects are good, others are not and can be harmful to you, your family, and your pets. Beneficial insects do much better when they live outdoors, also, and we know which ones are good for plants and will hunt and dispose of malicious pests in your yard and garden. When possible, efforts are made to spare the beneficial insects, even if we force them to find living arrangements outdoors.

When you’ve found yourself facing more than the occasional spider or worse, cockroach or other problematic pest, call us! We’ll rid your home of unwanted creepy crawlies and help eliminate the possibility of others wandering into your home. You can reach us at (561) 907-8629, and we will help you eradicate the problem at your earliest convenience.