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Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions has eliminated pests in West Palm Beach for more than twenty years. We use the latest in equipment and the most environmentally friendly insecticides and other treatments available. It is not enough to simply spray for bugs and leave, however. Our technicians carefully inspect your home and the surrounding area to find out where the pests are coming from and to eliminate them there.

We try to use as few insecticides and other poisons as possible near your home, which is why we try to stop pests in West Palm Beach at the edge of your property. Our technicians look for trails leading to the residence and interrupt the movement as far away as possible. At this distance from the home, we can use snap traps and open baits that are not possible in garages and other places in the home where children and pets might get into them.

Some of the pests we remove are not necessarily dangerous but can cause hundreds and thousands of dollars in damage. Moles have always been a problem in our area, destroying yards and ruining gardens, but in the last few years, ibises and wild pigs are now making their presence known in this part of Florida as well. To rid our neighborhoods of these large pests, especially the wild pigs, we have to use large traps to catch them if possible, or poisoned baits to try and stop the population before it becomes so large that hunters have to be called in to remove them.

For homeowners who want to do everything they can, we encourage this simple precaution. Keep your trash inside your garage until just before the Sanitation Department picks up your cans. Once you do put them out, make sure the lid is completely closed to reduce the odor attraction.

Regardless of the problem is an ant colony in the front yard or a rooting group of piglets in the backyard, call Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions at (561) 842-4700 to schedule a visit and inspection.

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