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There are a few preventative measures that homeowners can engage in after Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions has rid your home of pests. These are essential to implement in your home because they will help our treatments be much more effective for a longer period. They are simple, and also increase the value of the service you’ve received.

One primary way that homeowners in Palm Beach Gardens can improve interior pest control results is to limit the food sources for pests. Pretty apparent, but cleaning up after meal preparation, toddlers’ snack time and teen gatherings should always be prompt and thorough. Cracks and crevices around counter tops, under tables and chairs, and anywhere else food crumbs may have fallen to the floor or become otherwise trapped can be accessed by tiny insects.

Removal by sweeping or vacuuming is needed.

Water sources are also a requirement for insect pests, especially ants. Ants can forage for food from faraway sources but become dehydrated quickly, requiring them to have available water nearby. Without it, they cannot survive, and they cannot carry water like they can carry food. Pipes or water lines that leak, even tiny amounts, are enough to permit ants to live in your home. These water sources include drain pipes and dehumidifier lines.

Pests can also be brought into your home when you purchase items from stores and shops. Even the cleanest grocery stores can have pest problems of their own because their products are shipped in from various other locations. The main culprits are fruit and vegetables, although bulk products such as oatmeal, flour, and other grain can provide hiding places for insects while in the store, and then find their way into your home. Farmers’ markets can also be a spot where pests might hitch a ride to your home. Inspect fruit and vegetables before buying not only for freshness and blemishes but also for insects and their eggs.

Overnight guests can also bring household pests with them, in particular cockroaches and bedbugs. It only takes one or two to start your own infestation. Asking about infestations at home can be awkward. Asking about pests at home can also exclude traveling times if your guest will be staying in a hotel or using public modes of transportation such as airplanes or trains to arrive at your home. There can also be locations that your guest, or yourself, can get unwanted pests. There is no real way to check or to know if your guest has brought tagalongs with him or her, but inspecting after they have left for signs of insect presence can help determine if this is going to be a problem in the near future. This is a very real problem with bedbugs because they are notorious hitchhikers; and, their extermination is a costly service, not part of standard household pest control. Consider us for a yearly service; we can control pests and also keep an eye out for this formidable bugs.

When you have a reoccurring pest problem or a new one, call Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions at (561) 907-8629, and we will take the steps needed to eradicate the problem for you.