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When rodents nest in a Jupiter home, removing them can have a simple solution like setting out a few baited traps. When the infestation goes unnoticed for an extended period, the tools needed and time required to get rid of them increases, as does the cost.

Specifically, if rodents set up in a Jupiter attic, cleanup and elimination can require an incredible amount of labor. Technicians have to go in and examine the condition of the insulation. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions understands that as a rodent nest grows the amount of urine and feces present increases throughout the attic. Our personnel also don protective gear to prevent exposure to threats like the Hantavirus.

It is impossible for us to 100% clean and guarantee safe the rolled or blown-in insulation. If our inspection finds evidence that urine and feces are throughout the attic, the only safe measure for us to take is removing all of it. For blown-in insulation, our team can remove it using a vacuum hose connected to a sealed bag or container outside the home. For rolled insulation or batten panels, team members bag all of it in the attic and then carry it outside for disposal.

After removing the insulation, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions personnel spray every surface in the attic with an anti-bacterial cleaning agent. Once it dries, one of our inspectors examines the floor, eaves, and roof for any openings. Many rodents can flatten themselves and fit through very tiny cracks, so technicians patch every hole or opening they find.

After the homeowner replaces the insulation, our team takes steps to prevent any new intrusions. An inspector checks for openings one more time, while other team members begin laying out baited traps. T-Rex snap traps are very effective in a safe area like an attic, where few people or pets go into it.

If the attic is used for storage and entered often, we can also use bait boxes that trap rodents, but children and pets cannot get into them. The bait boxes are also very useful along the exterior of the home to prevent rodents from entering in the first place. Exclusion is very important, as it prevents infestations, and eliminates the costs of cleanup and removal.

At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we want to keep every Jupiter home free of rodents and safe from the mess and disease they can bring into a home. If you need us, call us today at (561) 842-4700 to schedule an inspection.

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