With warm weather here, and hotter weather on the way, area businesses can expect to see more signs of rodents and even a few beady, little eyes staring back at them from closets, dumpsters, and anywhere else they can hide or find something to eat. Rodent elimination for commercial properties throughout Palm Beach County is needed to help keep them open and supporting their customers.

At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we service customers from Jupiter south to Boca Raton. All of our service technicians train to conform to all local regulations and health codes for rodent control in Palm Beach County and adhere to both EPA and OSHA compliance rules as well.

Since the goal is to prevent customers from ever seeing a rat or mouse, exclusion is extremely important. Restaurants are especially vulnerable, but our service teams first seek out any possible point of entry for every business. That can include exhaust vents, eaves, and access points for utility cables and pipes. At these points, service teams use metal mesh, caulk, and other materials to close off entrances.

Around these points and near dumpsters, technicians also install bait boxes. The poison baits act quickly, so they collect the carcasses outside the facility and out of sight of customers.

Not every task is a quiet one, so Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions service techs perform certain tasks after hours to avoid attracting attention. In areas with heavy rodent fecal droppings, they use commercial vacuums with HEPA filters for cleanup and removal. Before vacuuming, they also spray the affected area with a disinfecting agent to both clean the area and reduce the health risk to the service teams. In tight places like narrow alleys or under dumpsters, technicians may wear breathing gear or other protective gear like heavy-duty rubber gloves and boots.

As part of our guarantee, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions service teams respond to every call of rodent activity within one day. Our goal for every affected business is to eliminate the threat and help owners reopen their doors for both their customers and employees. For more information about our services or to schedule a service call, contact us at (561) 842-4700 today.

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