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For many residents in West Palm Beach, rodents are the biggest problem when it comes to pests. They can flatten themselves enough to squeeze in under garage doors, burrow under outside walls, and some can even chew through wire screens to sneak in where pipes and cables enter homes and businesses.

With more than 20 years in rodent elimination around West Palm Beach commercial and residential properties, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions can clear out any structure and prevent future infestations. Our trained technicians examine every property at an initial visit and swiftly determine what they need to eliminate the threat.

The most thorough method to eliminate rodents is to trap and kill them. In a commercial property and some areas of a residential home, this means extensive use of baited snap traps. These simple devices are still very efficient and perfect for use where there is no risk to children, pets, or customers.

When there is a potential risk, we also use bait traps that allow a rodent to enter a trap that closes shut behind them. The poisoned bait inside quickly kills the pest without allowing it to escape and die in a kitchen or other, high-traffic area. The closed bait trap also helps reduce the offending smell.

As the rats and other pests begin dying off, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions personnel makes regular visits to remove carcasses, even daily checks if needed at first. Besides the smell, fleas quickly abandon dead rodents in search of a new host. Quick removal and disposal eliminate that threat to residents, employees, and customers.

After we remove the last rodent, there is always a risk that others can move in, especially in a business that manufactures or stores food. Since our technicians know where the entry points are, they install new, baited traps. The bait is more attractive to rodents than regular food sources, so they consume it and die very quickly.

Our extermination teams can create a regular schedule, based on the needs and budget of the home or business owner, to maintain the traps and remove carcasses to provide continuing protection against infestations and health threats.

At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we work to make every West Palm Beach business and home safe for occupation and to prevent future pest problems. If you believe there may be a problem on your property, call us today at (561) 842-4700 to schedule a visit and get started.

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