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It takes someone who understands how rats and mice live, what they eat, and how they behave to keep them out of your living environment. With that said, any rodent elimination service should focus on cleanup, decontamination, and restoration to prevent conditions from existing that attract these pests.

Obtaining rodent exterminator services for your Lake Worth home at the first sign of rodent activity is in your best interests. Seeing even a single mouse, or rat can mean that an entire family of rodents exists in your walls, crawl spaces, basement, or attic.

As with most pests, you are likely to find droppings, abandoned nests, or feeding areas before seeing them. Locating evidence of their existence is easier than actually catching a glimpse of one while you are awake, simply because they are more active at night.

While there are some common methods used to combat rodent infestations on your own, most times, a professional rodent exterminator provides you with the best results. They have more experience dealing with these types of issues and often think of prevention steps that you may overlook.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions technicians look for various attracting factors to help prevent rodent infestations. If your home resides near a natural water source like a river or stream, it is important to maintain a sanitary outdoor environment. Low hanging trees, plants, and even clotheslines offer rodents easy access to your property.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions services include screening roof penetrations, soffits, and roof hips to help eliminate spaces used by rodents to enter your home. Anywhere that allows more than a half-inch of space, can serve as an entry point for rodents.

A severe rodent infestation can expose your family to a variety of rodent diseases, unsanitary conditions, and possible health risks. Be smart, seek professional help to eliminate rodent infestation problems. They can provide you with the necessary steps to restore a safe, healthy environment for you and your family.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions wants to help keep you, your family, and your property safe from destructive and potentially dangerous rodent infestation. Our technicians handle every aspect of rodent control including prevention, mitigation, and restoration.

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