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Rodents are, by far, the major pest problem for homes in the U.S. They breed quickly, and their feces and urine not only contaminates West Palm Beach homes with its smell but also serves as a vector for diseases like the hantavirus. The most efficient way to keep rodents from damaging a home is to prevent, or exclude, them from entering it.

Trapping rodents outside the home is one method of exclusion. We set up bait boxes at wet zones where there is higher creature traffic. As an example, whenever the air conditioner is operating, there is water running out of the AC condenser drain. That makes it a favorite spot for rodents to drink and for our technicians to place bait boxes. Other wet zones include low spots where water collects when the sprinklers are turned on and where rainwater drains from the gutters.

Another way to exclude rodents is to close up every possible entrance spot. We can do this with an inspection that examines garage doors, foundations, and other points where rodents can flatten themselves and squeeze in where there is at least a half-inch of clearance. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions specialists can use wood, grills, and spray foam to close these entry points and stop further rodent intrusions.

Rodent ExterminatorIf there are rodents in the attic, there is a possibility they got in by dropping off a tree limb hanging over the roof. From there, even small mice have jaws powerful enough to chew through roof tiles and gnaw down the panels underneath until they create a space large enough to squeeze in. We can prevent this by trimming back trees and bushes large enough for rodents to use as a highway into the home.

Doors still need to open to allow residents inside their home. Rodents are quick to learn though and can run in while homeowners are bringing groceries or working in the yard. When they are inside the home, we can remove them using killing traps. Bait boxes are still useful, but in this situation, we need to be a rodent exterminator in West Palm Beach homes and not to use a device that encourages rodents to enter a home.

Rodents can squeeze themselves into your home through openings that look impossible. Once inside, they breed and spread quickly throughout attics, walls, and other crawl spaces. If you need our services to help exclude them from your home, call Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions at (561) 907-8629 today.

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