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A rodent infestation is one of the more common problems West Palm Beach homeowners face in our area and surrounding counties. Getting rid of them safely is a bit more difficult than just setting out some cheese and a mousetrap.

With over 50 years of experience, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions can deal with every type of pest and infestation that affects area homes. Rodent removal from West Palm Beach is one of our specialties though. We bring in not just our extensive experience, but a variety of trapping methods as well.

Despite their reputation, traditional snap traps are still the most efficient and humane method of killing rodents. Their drawback is that they must be placed in hard to reach places when there is the chance that children or family pets might find them. Glue Traps are not as dangerous to children, but they still pose a threat to pets who might get into them.

Capture traps catch rodents and hold them until our technicians can take them away, but these are large compared to snap or glue traps. They are not used for small spaces and can pinch small fingers or paws hard enough to cause much pain. All three of these options can be used with poisoned baits if needed or requested by the homeowner.

Some companies use poisoned bait without a trap, but we do not. The point of trapping is to remove either a live animal or a corpse as cleanly and safely as possible. That is not possible if a poisoned mouse eats the bait and then crawls away to die. When this happens, removing the corpse can be much more difficult.

The dying rodent tries to find a dark, secure place to recover. That often means going under the house or behind an open wall such as behind a laundry room or in the garage. When that happens, the homeowner needs us to tear into drywall or other building material to remove the body. If the corpse went unnoticed for some time, there is a smell to be eliminated as well. Worse, family pets or other animals like raccoons might eat the open bait. That can cause a health problem which spreads through an entire neighborhood when the corpses begin to attract insects and other pests.

If you have, or just suspect, a rodent problem, you need a professional service. Contact us here at Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions to return your West Palm Beach home to a safe, clean, and rodent-free environment. Call (561) 907-8629 for more information or to schedule an inspection.

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