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Mention trapping animals in Florida and most people, even residents, think of a popular, gator-catching reality show or the latest news story about a snake that tried to swallow a gator. Both animals are dangerous and necessary to get rid of, but most of the pest problems in our area come from rodents. They get in everywhere, chew whatever is available, and poop on everything else.

For rodent trapping around Lake Worth, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions has several options that stop these creatures while protecting your home and keeping children and the family pets safe. We use a variety of traps (Traditional traps, bait boxes and sticky boards) and exclusion techniques that are proven winners in making this happen.

We still use traditional mousetraps because they are still effective, but they are dangerous. These are fine for attics where parents can control access, but not so good in pantries and garages where there is much human traffic. The bar which breaks a rodent’s neck is also powerful enough to break a cat’s paw or a toddler’s fingers.

Sticky boards are safer than mousetraps for children but are still dangerous for small pets like rabbits, hamsters or guinea pigs. Residents need to monitor these traps in areas where the pets may go, but sticky boards are very useful in garages, tool sheds, and other outdoor areas.

Bait boxes are the perfect trapping tool to use inside a home. These devices lock automatically and can be opened only with a key. They are the most child and pet-proof devices we have in our inventory. The bait we use drains the rodent of fluid and forces them to leave home in search of water.

The ideal method, however, is to keep rodents out. To do this, we carefully inspect your home and identify points of entry. Garage doors are a common one, with many having a gap that even an adult rodent can squeeze through. We insert metal or wood strips at the point where the door meets the frame, blocking it and then secure it with nails or screws. The access holes where power cables and water pipes enter are also vulnerable. For most of these areas, we use caulk or sealant to plug the gap; in a few cases, we place a metal plate around the pipe or cable and secure it to the wall, closing off the entire gap.

At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, our priority is the health and safety of your family. Every step we take is to ensure that as we remove the pests which have disturbed your home and life. If you need us, call today at (561) 907-8629.

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