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Despite the best efforts of a homeowner, rodents do find their way into Florida residences. Mice and rats can quickly establish a nest in garage or storage room corners hidden by boxes or squeeze behind drywall and into attics to hide in the insulation.

When this happens, people need to engage the most aggressive rodent removal plan in West Palm Beach possible to clear their homes of the infestation. At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, this involves a combination of traps and poisons to catch the mice or rats near their nests and then remove the carcasses.

In homes without children or pets, this is a fairly simple process. Our technicians can lay out snap traps and baited traps in open view wherever we find an entrance to a nest or that rodents have developed a pathway from outside the home to the inside. Snap traps are still the most effective killing trap, especially in places where there is a food source like a kitchen pantry.

Baited glue traps are especially effective to catch rodents when they are on the move. We only use fast-acting poison baits in the traps and not by themselves so that we do not have to follow a dead rat behind a wall or scrape a dead one from under a water heater.

If there is a concern for children or pets, we use enclosed, baited traps. These devices are large enough for mice and rats to get in, but their design prevents small hands and paws from reaching in far enough to grab the bait or remove the carcass.

Baited and snap traps are the most effective against rodents. They make up the majority of our equipment unless the homeowner requests we use no killing methods. It is possible to remove a rodent infestation using only non-poisonous bait traps, but it is very time-consuming and not a method we can guarantee to be 100% effective.

If you have found droppings in your garage, or otherwise suspect there are rodents in your home, contact Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions today at (561) 907-8629. With almost fifty years in the business, we bring a level of experience to cleaning your residence that other companies simply cannot match.

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