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Stopping rodents can be difficult anywhere, but the usual, mild Florida weather makes it just a bit harder than many other places. At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we are careful to plan around family, pets, and sensitive landscaping. We have many options for rodent trapping in and around your West Palm Beach home. With over five decades in business, our technicians also have the knowledge to effectively use all of them.

Snap traps are still the most popular. They are easy to bait, set, and reuse. We use them in crawlspaces, garages, and other areas where small children and family pets are unlikely to find them and injure themselves.

There are a few snap traps now though which are much safer. These new devices are partially and fully enclosed. Once the rodent, a mouse or rat, in this case, is caught and killed, it is very difficult for anyone except an adult to release the carcass. The entrances are also tricky to for small fingers and paws to examine. These newer models are useful for areas like laundry rooms, but we still place them behind washers and dryers for safety.

Sticky traps are also excellent for garages, crawlspaces, and in closets. We place them in these areas and in other places where we find droppings and where it looks like the rodents formed a pathway between their lair and a food source.

Larger rodents like squirrels and porcupines stay out of your home but can still cause a mess of your lawn grass and other landscaping efforts. For these larger pests, we use capture or kill traps, poison baits or a combination of all three. The poison baits we prefer to use at the farthest point away from each home.

First, we determine their nests and dens along with their trails across your property. Next, we place the traps or poison across these trails and at points of favorite foods or digging areas. For water sources like drips from hoses or air conditioner condensation, enclosed bait traps are particularly effective. Depending on the infestation level, we return to check the traps on a daily, every other day, or weekly basis. We immediately dispose of any carcasses and reset the traps until they come up empty for at least a week.

Trapping and removing rodents from your home and property is not a simple process, but Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions makes it an easy one for homeowners. If you have or suspect you have a home or lawn problem, call us today at (561) 907-8629 for an inspection and free estimate.

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