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Living in our area offers a unique array of visitors from the insect world. Keeping them from entering the interior of our homes is not always a simple matter to overcome. We have quite a few options available for you to use to maintain a clean and safe environment in your home.

We provide you with quality, professional interior pest control services for your West Palm Beach home. With over 59-years of combined experience, our technicians offer you the same quality of work we would expect for ourselves, taking our time and doing it right.

Your initial call to Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions leads to a thorough inspection of the interior of your home. The entrances and various access points are all checked, while we employ the latest integrated pest management techniques, to identify and understand the life cycles and habits of different unwanted guests in your home.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions technicians base their recommendations off of the level of infestation that exists. Using harsh chemicals inside of your home is avoided when possible, to prevent any potentially hazardous effects that chemicals introduce to the situation.

When possible, trapping, thermal treatments, physical removal and elimination of conducive condition methods are proposed to avoid pesticide applications. However, our primary concern is to safeguard your family, while controlling the pest problem that exists on your property.

It is possible for Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions to use mechanical blocking and light chemical spraying techniques on the exterior of your home to assist with limiting any indoor applications of products. Once that is complete, we systematically remove cobwebs, spider webs, paper wasp nests, mud dauber nests and beehives when necessary.

Treating hot spots and eliminating exterior access points reduces the possibility of additional visitors entering your home. Our experience, available products and equipment allow us to deter an ever-escalating household pest epidemic from your home successfully. We even have specially developed mattress covers, designed as a reasonably priced preventative measure to prevent necessary replacements of expensive mattress and box spring sets when bed bugs exist.

Our entire team commits to providing you with a safe, pest-free living space and we guarantee the effectiveness of our services by providing you a monthly, every-other-month and quarterly service.

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