In our part of Southern Florida, the fact is that there are typically from four to twelve colonies of subterranean termites per acre. Chances are if your house is built on a city lot or a quarter-acre, there is an active colony. Does this mean that these critters are eating your home right out from under you? Not necessarily. But here is some advice.

You can call Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions Pest Control to schedule a free subterranean termite inspection at your Lake Worth property. At your convenience, a skilled technician can visit you and check your home. Since these wood-eaters nest in the soil, the perimeter of your foundation or crawl space is checked for signs of mud tubes, wings during swarm season, and visible damage. But our inspection does not end there. We check interior plumbing areas since these termites require a source of moisture for their activity within your home. We also climb into your attic to inspect not only for subs but also for drywood termites and other insects, rodents, or problems within this seldom seen area. We are a full-service pest control company and understand that prevention and mitigation of damages are just as crucial as is extermination.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions can tailor a subterranean termite treatment to fit the physical composition and positioning of your house. For concrete block homes, perhaps with a deck and pool, a Sentricon baiting system is the most appropriate approach. This placing of bait stations every ten feet or so around the perimeter of the foundation is a proven method for killing attacking colonies as well as a preventative measure. This is a very non-disruptive service that requires no digging up your landscaping or drilling into your interior plumbing.

If an aggressive and damaging subterranean terminate infestation is underway, we can use a liquid treatment with Termidor, the active ingredient being fipronil. We only use what is considered the most effective product on the market for termite control. And it is long lasting, many years. We stand by our service and products with several options for guarantees along with a free annual inspection.

If you fear a termite infestation, or just would like some peace of mind, contact our Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions office to schedule an inspection. We can help. (561) 842-4700

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