In Lake Worth, there are multiple threats when it comes to insect and other pest infestations. One of the worst threats that affect area homes and businesses are termites. Each type of species requires a plan designed to not only eliminate the specific, current threats but also reduce and eliminate the threat of future infestations.

It is the heart of every Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions “No Tent” pest control plan for Lake Worth properties. We prefer to keep families in their homes and customers in our area shops. Fumigation or ‘tenting’ process requires removal of people and many types of inventory or personal property for several days. That is unacceptable to us, so we do not use this method.

Our Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions inspectors begin with a thorough examination of the property to determine the types of threats. When it comes to termites, the Drywood species are spotted more often, but the Subterranean species are far more numerous, with several underground colonies often existing on the property surrounding any residential or commercial building.

For elimination of Drywood termites, our specialists use Termidor foam where their scouts fly into the structure and cover the colony (usually found in dead or under watered trees) with it. Termidor does not kill immediately, so the termites that come in contact with it, carry the poison inside the colony where it eliminates the entire population.

One of the most destructive Subterranean species is the Formosan termites. The colonies grow and consume wood faster than other types. To find them, we carefully examine the landscape for signs of trails and look for scouts where there might be a source of moisture for the colony. Our technicians also have TermaTrac sonar which can identify the colonies. To eliminate them, we use a liquid form of Termidor that clings to the termites as they cross it, and then carry it into the colonies where it poisons the whole population.

We develop each Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions plan as a yearly service to our customers. Depending on the threat level, that may include quarterly or even monthly visits. If the landscaping is in poor shape, we can also offer support in terms of watering and fertilizing the property to make it healthier and more resistant to termites choosing it as a colony site.

If you suspect a termite infestation in your business or home, call us today at 561-842-4700 to schedule a service call and receive a cost estimate. We are here for you.

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