Nearly every community deals with termites. In a place like Palm Beach Gardens and other parts of Florida, the year-round warmth and high humidity, two types of termites pose a continual threat to homes and businesses: Drywood and Subterranean.

Because of this, successful termite control in Palm Beach Gardens requires a plan and specific methods to destroy both types. At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, this means using methods that introduce poisons to the scouts for Drywood and Subterranean termites along with a way to attack the home of the colony.

The Drywood variety builds galleries in trees and other outdoor locations. They prefer wood since cellulose is their main source of food. These termites are flyers and can travel rather far to find a new source of food and home for new galleries. The first sign of damage to a home from a flyer is usually on siding, window frames, and door frames.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions technicians do not use tenting fumigation methods for Drywood termites. It is an indiscriminate method that requires homeowners to evacuate the home and take their medicines, food, and cosmetics with them. Instead, we attack them at the window and door frames, along with other entry points into your home with Termidor insecticide.

Since the galleries for these termites can be far from the structure, it is necessary for us to find the home and attack it directly. Once an inspector finds the home, she covers it with a foaming version of Termidor. The foam does not evaporate, so it remains on and in the colony to poison every termite that touches it for several days, eventually eliminating the entire gallery.

Subterranean termites live and build their colonies underground. To find every colony, we use TermaTrac radar to locate them and the pathways they use to enter your Palm Beach Gardens home. Up to a million termites can live in each gallery, and there are anywhere from 4 to 8 colonies in every acre in South Florida.

With exact knowledge of their locations, our technicians inject Termidor directly into these pathways so that returning termites carry the poison with them into the gallery, quickly poisoning every termite inside. They also inject Termidor into every access point.

Every Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions service includes an annual inspection and one retreatment if termites re-infest at the same entry points. Our guarantee applies to the property, so it remains in effect if a home or business owner sells it. If you have termites, or merely suspect they could be in your home or office, call us at (561) 842-4700 to schedule an inspection and treatment.

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