In West Palm Beach, there are multiple threats to our homes from insects and other pests. Some of the more dangerous ones to the physical structure are the termites which infest nearly every acre in our area.

For thorough termite control in and around their West Palm Beach home, each resident needs an annual maintenance plan. It must contain regular, preventive measures to deal with the threat from both Drywood and Subterranean termites.

Each species can be a threat, but infest a home and the surrounding property differently, requiring a separate response. Technicians inspect each home to determine which species are present and the best method to eliminate them.

For Drywood termites, the colonies are small Galleries. This species moves slowly, but they can send out flyers called Alates to lay eggs that can start a new Gallery anywhere there are a food source and a nearby source of moisture. Attics and overhead crawlspaces are especially vulnerable inside a home, but any wood outside the home can potentially host a Gallery.

Our extermination teams use Termidor to poison and eliminate the Galleries. It is an exceptional insecticide that works very well on termites. The type we normally use for Drywood termites is a foam that clings to treated wood, dead trees, and other surfaces to poison termites that come in contact with it. The poisoned insects then return home and spread it throughout the Gallery. For attics and crawlspaces, they may also use Timbor for an extra poison layer.

Subterranean termites are usually the larger threat, with each colony numbering up to 100,000 or more in some areas. The individuals in this species move faster, but they build their colonies underground. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions technicians find them by looking for the trails they use to enter nearby homes. These larger colonies also need a larger source of moisture, so technicians examine the areas near the HVAC run-off and outside spigots for signs of termites.

Our teams use a liquid version of Termidor to eliminate Subterranean termites. They carefully apply a spray around the perimeter of the house and then along with any identified trails. Termites that cross over any of the sprays carry it back to the colony where it quickly spreads. We also use Sentricon bait traps, so poison is carried back and eventually fed to the queen.

Removing the threat of termites and reducing the possibility of recurring infestations requires a maintenance plan developed by a professional service. Call Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions at (561) 842-4700 to schedule an inspection and determine what we can do for you and your home.

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