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Termite Control

West Palm Beach homes are vulnerable to many types of insects and other pests. Termites, both Drywood and Subterranean species, are among the more damaging and difficult to remove.

Although Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions tries to use Integrated Pest Management for termite services in West Palm Beach, there are certain situations where a powerful insecticide is the only option. When dealing with large, extensive colonies of termites and other insects, our technicians make careful use of Sentricon and Termidor.

Drywood termites are easier to find, but since they fly out of above-ground colonies, it is difficult to remove them all. To poison the colony and every flyer that returns to it, our technicians spray the entire outer shell and the surrounding wood that the colony built into with a Termidor foam. It adheres to the surface, and any termites that travel through it carry the poison deep inside the colony.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions does not perform fumigation or ‘tenting’ to get rid of Drywood termites or other pests. It is an extremely intrusive procedure that is an option only on extremely infested or much older homes.

Subterranean termites, especially the Formosan species, live underground and can grow undetected for far longer. Colonies of over 100,000 are not uncommon, and large properties can have multiple colonies with a total population of over a million termites. To eliminate them, our technicians find the colony and interrupt the pathways or mud tubes termites use to travel and enter a home.

They accomplish this with a sonar device called TermaTrac designed specifically to find termite construction. Once discovered, technicians install Sentricon bait traps across the mud tubes, so the termites walk through the bait and carry it inside the colony. The bait is designed to be far more appealing than wood and termites usually exhaust the bait supply before going back to the wood in the home. To make certain we eliminate all of them, our technicians also spray liquid Termidor around the home’s foundation and destroy any mud tube access points around the home.

Our goal at Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions is to provide a clean, pest-free home for every customer in West Palm Beach. If you need us to rid your home of pests, call our office today at (561) 842-4700 to schedule a service call.

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