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Have you recently discovered that you have a rodent problem on your hands? You are not alone, as these are the most common animal pests in our state. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions knows how to get rid of these creatures, and how to keep them away, too. In addition to using trapping, exclusion and monitoring practices, they can also work on their habitat. In this case, your attic must be cleaned and sanitized, in order to prevent future problems.

  • “There are more than 200 diseases associated with rats, including Asthma, Lung Disease and Hantavirus.
  • Research from the National Pest Control Association notes more
    Individuals have died from disease carried by rodents, than killed by bullets in conventional warfare. Rodents constantly dribble urine, feces, and contaminated hair. Another fact is that rats gnaw to stay alive. They have incisor teeth that grow 6 inches a per year, so they are constantly chewing to keep them small and sharp. Unfortunately they can chew your pipes, wiring, furniture, A/C ducts, etc…
  • Rats nest, breed and contaminate everything they touch. We will find their nests, disinfect entirely with a hospital grade disinfectant to kill all diseases on contact and remove insulation they have contaminated by urination, feces and gnawing. We will extract droppings using a special vacuum that filters the air so it does not let the contaminants re-enter the environment. After cleaning your attic of all traces of rodents, we will install new R-30 (12inch) insulation and apply an odor and sanitizing mist throughout the entire attic.” – Important information from the Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions website

If you are dealing with a rat problem, you need to act quickly. Otherwise, you and your loved one’s health could be in danger from the disease and bacteria rats can spread. It is time to call Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions into check things out, so they can take care of your issues. Their full rodent control services come with a one year guarantee, meaning you can feel confident about using them. Contact Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, today, and set up your next appointment.

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