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Closeup Of Man's Hand Showing Live Termite And Wood DamageHave you noticed that your pest situation seems different than previous winters? Everybody gets used to a norm, and when that norm is disturbed, things seem off. This has been a particularly crazy season, especially when it comes to the pest control industry. A number of factors have impacted things, and go a long way towards explaining why things may be different at your home. Pest Control Technology recently wrote an article describing some reasons why an atypical winter has impacted the pest control industry.

  • El Nino – You have probably heard by now that El Nino is wreaking havoc on winter. Some areas are warmer than usual, while others are experiencing a high amount of rain and snow. This impacts the pest situation at your home.
  • Zika – The Zika virus has many people concerned, and calling their pest companies. This mosquito-transferred disease means that people want their mosquito population under control.
  • Future – After some issues, it seems that the future of fumigation is uncertain. There will almost certainly need to be changes.

Are you trying to figure out why your winter pest situation is so unusual? You are definitely not alone in this thought process. Many people are experiencing weird seasons, and that means pest control needs to be on the forefront of your mind. Never share your property with any unwanted guests! Contact Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, today, and set up your appointment.

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