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24You have taken great care of your home and your yard, and you can’t wait to share things with friends and family. Everything is looking incredible, and you are proud of what you have obtained. Just when you are about ready to start your party, an infestation walks through your backyard or living room. A gorgeous property is marred by unwanted guests, and not the loud family member kind. When pests threaten to take over your home, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions is ready to give control back to you.

A wise person once said that you learn something new every day. To that end, did you know that Dr. Seuss got his start in the pest control industry? The well known author actually wrote cartoon pest control ads before making it in his more well known career. As shared by Pest Control Technology, Dr. Seuss wrote ads for Standard Oil’s Flit bug spray. You can take a look at the interesting video in the article.

You have worked so hard in life to obtain a property that you can be proud to share. Having creepy crawlies threaten that is simply an unacceptable reality. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions will make sure that your bug problem disappears, and stays away, too. Don’t go about things alone when you can bring in the experts! Contact Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, today, and set up your appointment.

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