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Jupiter is simply one of the nicest little cities in Florida. Our homes are constantly held up as an example of why people should move here to start a family or retire in comfort. Our only drawbacks are the occasional hurricane and the incredible variety of pests that can affect homes.

The best pest control inside a Jupiter home is to stop them in the exterior. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions teams work diligently to block and eliminate everything from bees to rodents that can infest our area. We start by identifying sources of water and possible trails that pests use to gain access.

Condensation drains from air conditioners are a favorite for pests. Our personnel also examine the immediate area around the home to located low spots that collect water from irrigation or storms which can support pest growth. Next, they lay out bait traps or apply a pesticide, depending on the threat, to eliminate them.

Pest Control is not just about keeping them out of the home either. Even DIY landscaping can cost thousands of dollars each year. That does not include the cost to keep everything watered and healthy. At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we know that a healthy lawn, plants, and trees are the best defense against pests.

Level of watering and use of pesticides and fertilizers depends on which types are present. Our on-staff horticulturist can perform an inspection at every home and develop a tailored maintenance plan for each one. We have a variety of annual plans designed to combat threats from area insects and other pests depending on the seasons and when different weather patterns move in to affect our area.

If some plants or trees require very different schedules or even fight against each other for resources, we can recommend possible replacements and help the owner make the changes with no interruption to the rest of the landscaping and little disruption to her neighbors.

Our goal at Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions is to keep Jupiter homes pest-free and help owners maintain a beautiful exterior appearance. If you see damaged or even wilting landscaping, call us today at (561) 842-4700 to schedule a visit from one of our inspectors and receive a free estimate on what we can do for you.

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