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Lake Worth is one of the more desirable communities in our area. Keeping both the structure and the property clear of pests requires a company that understands the relationship between the landscaping and the threats that can destroy the visual and financial attractiveness of it. With more than 20 years in the pest control industry, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions brings a level of experience few other companies can match.

Every home needs a yearly maintenance plan when it comes to exterior pest control in Lake Worth. Our services begin with a complete inspection to know what we are working with, and how best to protect our customers. Certain plants, shrubs, and trees are more vulnerable to pests, so that determines which, and how much, chemical sprays we use.

A very effective pesticide in our inventory is Termidor. For most residential plans, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions technicians spray it around the exterior of the home twice a year, at every opening where pests might enter. They use different chemical sprays every other month to target specific threats that change with the weather and as certain types of plants bloom over the year, feeding different pests.

Along with the scheduled pesticide applications, we also provide unlimited callbacks if the homeowner sees a problem. If the outdoor threat has moved into the garage, our teams can enter it and other parts of the home upon request.

For larger, rodent threats, our technicians also use bait boxes to poison and trap them. They place the boxes near exterior water sources like water spigots and the air conditioning condenser. These same points are also useful to insert insecticide baits for ants and other threats that can live underground or in the surrounding trees.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions also offers a lawn care program tailored for each Lake Worth residence. Like the pest control plans, each one has an annual schedule that deals with recurring threats to the landscaping. With a horticulturist on staff, we can determine the exact needs of every item on the property to keep them healthy and resistant to pests.

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