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Exterminator perfoming an external inspection and spraying.

Nobody wants to face a nasty pest situation, especially when it is taking place at their home. Your property should be the one place you can find refuge, but certain pests will fight to share it with you. Last week, we talked about some of the combined interior and exterior pest control options that are available through Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions. However, what if the problem has stagnated on the outside of your property? Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions has a well designed plan of attack for your exterior only pest control needs.

  • Exterior inspection of home for harborage points, access points and conducive conditions
  • Cleaning of cobb-webs, mud-daubers and spider webs
  • Exterior spraying and or granulating
  • Spot treatment of interior as needed only

If the inside of your home is a paradise, but the outside is residence to numerous pests, you should check out Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions‘s exterior pest services. The proactive approach will clean up your outside, while ensuring the inside remains a place you feel safe in. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions wants to make sure you are completely satisfied with every service. So, if the bugs come back, so do they, at no additional charge. Contact Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, today, and take back your property.

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