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The best protection against insects, weeds, and other, unwanted grasses or plants on your West Palm Beach property is a thick lawn with strong, healthy plants and trees. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions has developed a system that combines fertilization and insecticide usage to ensure your home not only has landscaping that is attractive and adds to the curb value of your home, but also helps to prevent insect and weed infestations.

Each fertilization plan in West Palm Beach starts with knowing the composition of the soil. Not every fertilizer is compatible with every type of dirt, sand, and clay that makes up the land underneath a home. Our method is to use a fertilizer that not only provides what the dirt does not but also augments what it does provide so that while we want to use enough fertilizer, we also get the most from every ounce we spread over your lawn.

Our horticulturist and service team members also need to know what the soil is feeding. Some fertilizers do not provide every type of grass, plant, or tree with the right nutrients and some, or too much, can have the same effect as an insecticide or other poison. In addition to native, Floridian species, there are also exotic species introduced to West Palm Beach from other countries. Each one has its requirements, so it is not uncommon for our service teams to use several different types of fertilizer in a homeowner’s front yard, let alone over their entire property.

Supporting the landscaping of a home also means killing the weeds that threaten it. Since we are careful to protect the home and the environment, Clean and Treat uses only environmentally safe pesticides at every home. As with the fertilizer, we analyze the soil to make sure that the weed-killer we use has the best effect without damaging the landscaping the homeowner wants to keep. We also rotate the pesticides to ensure it remains effective and insects do not build up a tolerance.

Building and maintaining a healthy lawn is one of the most effective methods to protect your overall landscaping and even reduce the probability of an insect infestation in your home. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions can work with you to design the right combination of fertilizers and insecticides to do that and also provide a beautiful appearance for your home. Call us today at (561) 907-8629 to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate. We are here to help.

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