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One of the advantages of living in West Palm Beach is the weather. Besides the personal benefits, it also allows for a fantastic variety of lawn grasses, landscape shrubs, and exotic flowers to thrive alongside the palm and citrus trees more familiar to many homes.

At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, our lawn care specialists can design a plan to fit each homeowner’s needs and budget best. We recommend to our customers to maintain a yearly scheduled program to take care of both insect infestations, weed control, and fertilization of their lawns and landscaping in West Palm Beach.

Every home needs at least an annual visit to apply herbicides to kill weeds and fertilizer to their lawns as everything begins to flourish in the spring. Homeowners, particularly in West Palm Beach, must also apply pesticides annually to combat new insect invasions, especially grubs and fire ants. The best time to address each of these issues rarely ever occur at the same time during the year, so we recommend a plan that includes at least 2 to 3 visits per year.

Herbicides and insecticides are very useful to attack and remove threats to your lawn and landscaping. When weeds start to encroach on your lawn with the warming weather, that is when we want to apply the right chemical to stop growth and kill them at the root. Our technicians also track what pesticides we use to rotate them, so the fire ants around your home do not build up an immunity. We use environmentally friendly herbicides and limit as much as possible the number of pesticides to reduce what gets into the soil and eventually into the local environment and groundwater.

Of course, the best way to protect your lawn, trees, and other landscaping is to maintain a healthy environment year-round. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions keeps a horticulturist on staff so we can understand not just what plants and trees you have, but also to analyze their environment and determine what types of fertilizer work best with the soil to nourish them.

Maintaining a healthy lawn is a much better alternative than applying weed and insect-killing chemicals every time one shows itself. If you have weeds or grubs or want to build up your lawn to resist them, call Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions at (561) 842-4700 today to schedule a visit.

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