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Most interior pest control in Lake Worth homes requires more than one application of chemical pesticides. At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we carefully determine when pesticide applications are the best option, and when other methods are better for both interior and exterior pest control.

With a few types of insects, a physical barrier inside the home can preserve personal property. Bed bugs in Lake Worth, for example, are a growing concern for homeowners. With a combination of using chemicals for spot treatments and thorough cleaning of the immediate environment, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions technicians can eliminate the initial infestation.

Once they finish, other team members block the bed bugs’ future access. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions has specialized, mattress covers that can completely block access from insects while still allowing air to pass through, letting the mattress and box springs ‘breathe’ normally. They are inexpensive and an excellent method to protect bedding.

The best way to protect the interior of any home is to prevent pests from entering it. Insect colonies, regardless if they are ants, cockroaches, or another species, are in a constant search for water, food, and room to expand. The first method Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions uses to control access into a Lake Worth home is to remove water sources.

Our inspectors examine drain points and lawn irrigation equipment to see if they leave pools of water after a storm or activation which pests can use for growth. If they do, lawn care experts can fill in low points and show the homeowner how to redirect drains and storm runoff to eliminate the water sources as a threat.

Eliminating food sources means keeping plants, shrubs, and trees healthy. Insects are more likely to feed on vegetation that is dry from lack of water or does not get the right nutrients from the soil. Our technicians conduct a soil analysis to determine what may be lacking and develop an enrichment schedule to supplement the home’s landscaping.

Stopping colony expansion requires locating and eliminating them. Our technicians look for insect trails that lead from the house and use special baits that are more attractive than other food sources. Insects consume and carry the poisoned baits back to the colony, where they eliminate the population. For flying insects, team members look for colonies in trees and locations like wood piles. They use spray foam to cover the colony surface, so insects absorb the poison and bring it into the colony.

If you have concerns about the insects in and around your home, call Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions today at (561) 842-4700. We can tailor a pest control plan to match your needs which use every option available to keep your home insect free.

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