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There are a variety of landscaping companies available to install, repair, or even maintain your irrigation system. However, the majority of them are only concerned with whether the system remains functional, not whether it provides you with a flourishing lawn, free of fungus and disease.

After having an irrigation system installed on your West Palm Beach property, it can be beneficial to have an irrigation system inspection performed to maintain optimal performance. We have outside services that enhance the beauty and health of your lawn, while also applying scientific methods to provide you with solutions and a comprehensive treatment plan.

While we do not install irrigation piping, we can assist with maintaining your irrigation system. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions professionals help keep moisture and insects away from your foundation that can lead to infestation or excessive damage. Our services give you access to someone who truly cares about the condition of your landscaping. This gives your lawn, shrubs, and trees the seasonal attention necessary to promote excellent health.

Whether your landscaping includes deciduous trees, native palms, or exotics, you need someone who understands the climate and pests in the area to care for them properly. The professionals at Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions understand how insects, rodents, and other pests act, giving us the ability to resolve pest problems, saving our customers money, and preserving the beauty of their property.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions irrigation system inspection can provide you with the answers you need to help defend your lawn and ornamental shrubbery against turf pests that include chinch bugs, mole crickets, sod worms, and grubs. We easily customize our application of granular and liquid pest treatments to fit your type of grass and soil, while also using advanced fertilization methods to help maintain a healthy lawn.

Having your irrigation system installed is only the beginning. You should look to a group of expertly trained environmental specialists to help protect your investment. Contact Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions today, we value your business and provide you with a variety of excellent services you deserve. (561) 907-8629

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