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For West Palm Beach homes, a healthy and attractive lawn can do as much for its curb appeal as a new fence or even a new set of windows. At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we understand this and provide a schedule of maintenance that keeps each lawn not just pest-free, but green and lush as well.

Our lawn care specialists develop an irrigation system inspection tailored for each West Palm Beach customer. It is a needed part of personal lawn care, since no two yards are exactly alike, even in a neighborhood where the HOA has strict rules. There are still differences in the soil and locations of flowers, shrubs, and trees from one home to another that determine when and how much water each lawn needs to thrive.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions specialists start with the amount of time a homeowner has the irrigation system running when it operates, and where the water is applied. If the amount of water is enough to support the lawn and there are yellow or brown patches, then the homeowner may need to move to water the lawn from after sunset to the middle of the day or early morning. If there is still a problem, the direction of the irrigation heads may need changing or another one added to the system.

If the irrigation system is functioning correctly with enough water applied to the lawn, then the type of landscaping can be the problem. Our landscaping specialist examines the type and number of species on the property to determine if they are consuming too much water, or if the combination is using an inordinate amount of nutrients also needed for the grass.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions is proud to serve West Palm Beach and the surrounding area. For over 20 years, we have helped our neighbors maintain beautiful lawns and gardens despite pests, storms, and other disasters. If you have patchy grass or yellow or brown spots in the front or backyard, call our office at (561) 842-4700 to schedule a visit from our lawn care specialists. We are here to help.

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