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Despite the need to control insects to keep your lawn healthy, it is best to use, at minimum, pesticides and other chemicals. It is not only safer for humans and pets but the fewer pesticides that find their way into the local environment, the better.

One of the most efficient methods without chemicals to keep lawn pests out of your West Palm Beach home is to see them quickly so you can take action. Insects and burrowing animals never build a mound or dig a hole out in the open; they like to hide under bushes and other landscaping. What we do is proactively keep everything trimmed back as part of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

As an example, hedgerows make an excellent alternative to wood or aluminum fencing. They serve as both decorative landscaping and also to define property boundaries. They also can be an excellent place for lawn pests to hide.

Our lawn care professionals keep these and other bushes and shrubs trimmed up off the ground. We leave enough space for a visual check underneath to prevent mounds or a network of tunnels to form. Other pests form nests or hives and hide inside thick, landscape plants. Our people are trained to properly trim these plants to present an attractive face while keeping them thin enough so a nest or hive can be seen and removed before it becomes a major hazard to the home, pets, and residents.

We apply the same principle to the home itself. As part of our maintenance service, we also trim shrubs, bushes, and trees to keep a healthy appearance, but keep them from serving as a highway into your residence. For example, trees provide a wonderful source of shade which helps to cool a home and lower utility bills.

With the Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions IPM program, we leave enough healthy limbs in place to provide shade. Our technicians thin them out to prevent the weight of healthy branches bending far enough for insects to travel directly to the roof and remove any dead limbs and twigs where insects tend to form colonies.

Keeping your home and lawn pest free is not a simple task. With almost sixty years in business, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions can do it safely and efficiently with a minimum of pesticides and still keep your house looking like a realtor show home. For more information on what we can do for you, call us today at (561) 907-8629.

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