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22With the weather starting to normal out here in South Florida, the regular pests will begin showing their faces. Bugs are creatures of habit, and when conditions are normal for them, they return. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions is ready to take care of your pest problem, and keep it away for good. They handle pest control, rodents, termites, lawn & ornamental and more. Get in touch with their office to see how simple it is to set up an appointment.

When you see a bug, your first thought is probably that you want it gone. However, what if someone offered to pick it up, and serve it to you on a platter? As a Missouri news station reported, people at the Heartland Home and Garden Show were given that option. Salt-and-vinegar crickets, chocolate-covered ants and spiced larvae were all options on the “Bug Appetite” menu. Though most find the thought disgusting, cooked insects are a common food option in other parts of the world.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions knows that you have worked hard to acquire a property that you can be proud to share. But, when pests and other issues threaten to take over, you need to gain control again. Creepy crawlies should never make you ashamed to host friends and family. Stop pests in their tracks with help from the pest control experts. Contact Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, today, and set up your next appointment.

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