Be it ants or rodents, pests are uninvited guests that you want to prevent or eliminate with no possibility of reoccurrence. A pest infestation can make your life at home a nightmare. The first sight of a pest at home gets most people to grab pest repellent sprays or leave traps with baits. Before jumping into the most popular pest removal strategies, you need to take a moment to look into the possible pest control mistakes you could make and avoid them.

Overlooking the signs

Even while most people jump into an active pet hunting mode as soon as they see a pest or signs of pest infestation at their home, some people just let it slide. Ignoring pest infestation is one of the worst mistakes that you could make.

Individuals who overlook pest infestation usually believe that it is seasonal or pests will go away on their own. Little do these people know that pests can become a major headache with time, especially considering that most pests have a high reproductive rate. Before ignoring pests or pest infestation signs next time, think about the following risks:

Food contamination: Pests, especially rodents, flies, and cockroaches, can contaminate food and trigger health problems ranging from breathing issues to Salmonella and Hepatitis.

Structural & property damage: Have you asked yourself people show less affinity towards houses in the market with a pest infestation history? Did you know that termites can eat through almost all the materials that your house is made of?  Under the right conditions, termite colonies can spread rapidly and even convert your house to sawdust within a matter of years.

Rats and rodents can reproduce quickly and move around your house using crevices that are just the size of a dime. Once they grow in numbers, they will start causing serious damages to your furniture and other belongings in addition to contaminating food and water sources.

Not being proactive

Almost all household pests are proactive and work tirelessly to increase their population or spread their colonies. On the other hand, most people are so trapped with their daily work-dominated lives, leaving them no time to invest in pest control. So while you are busy working to make a living, bear in mind that pests are most likely busy damaging what you make for a living. An ideal strategy here would be to set aside some time to manage and eliminate pest infestation at your home proactively. If you do not have the time, you can resort to a pest removal service in your locality.

Failing to address the source

Leaving traps or using pest repellant sprays at the spot of sighting will not help you eliminate pests. If you start sighting pests in your house, it means they have inhabited your house longer than you realize. Identifying and hitting the source of pest infestation is crucial in preventing reoccurrence. This is where a professional pest exterminator can make the difference. At times, questioning the cause of the active pest infestation can help you identify the source of infestation.

Not cleaning exterior

You can follow the right pest control strategies or hire the best pest control service to eliminate them from your house. However, if you fail to clean or maintain the exterior of your house, you are in for another surprise.

Letting water pool in your yard or allowing your yard to overgrow can help pests hide, reproduce and target your house within days of elimination. As pests only need cracks and crevices to enter any property, you are always at risk of recontamination.

Lacking the knowledge

Lack of pest control knowledge can make matters worse. People tend to go overboard with chemical usage to eliminate pests. Ask them whether they are using the right pesticide, and they might not have a straight answer. Using the wrong pesticide on colonies of termites and ants can cause them to split and spread to different locations in your home. Overuse of pesticides or insecticides can trigger health concerns for your kids and even pets.

Likewise, leaving the pest baits, any location within your house will not help; leave them in paths that pests frequently use for better results. Yes, we are talking cupboards under the sink, dark corners, and ceilings. Also, ensure that you leave the bait behind for a couple more days even after you have captured pests.

Not following up

People tend to eliminate pests in their homes and call it quits. Bear in mind that pest control is an ongoing process, and if you fail to follow up, pests can bounce back strongly. The good thing is that regular follow-up after pest removal requires much less time and effort.

Keep the interior and exterior hotspots such as the backyard, kitchen, and crawlspaces clean and check for new cracks and crevices to prevent pest entry.

Following DIY

DIY pest removal tips are good; however, you still need to consider different aspects before you resort to any of these. Have you asked yourself whether the pesticide that someone on the internet recommended is the right one, or was it just an influencer trying to make a sale for a commission? There are several instances where people have turned matters worse by resorting to unsafe DIY practices. We have had many fire incidents reported simply because people using rubbing alcohol to eliminate bed bugs.

Attempting to address a serious pest infestation using DIY strategies is another big mistake. If you do not know the severity of pest infestation, you are better off staying away from DIY tips. A serious pest infestation requires expert oversight and machinery to be eliminated.

DIY pest removal tips usually help address the active pests and hardly provide detailed information on preventing reoccurrence.

Not hiring the right pest control service.

Not hiring a professional pest control service is another mistake that can hurt you big financially and in terms of time. People are often guilty of not doing the research; namely, they fail to look into the reviews and ask for references.

Another mistake is choosing a pest control service based on budget; quality pest control can come at a price even though at moderately expensive rates. Paying for the experience and expertise will always guarantee complete removal with zero or minimal chance of recontamination.

Consider pest control as a serious concern and be proactive to eliminate it. Pest control can be a complex task encompassing various factors, including location, season, equipment, pesticides, and species types. Hiring a pest control service is always the best option, especially when you do not have the time, cannot deduce the severity of contamination, or have the know-how.

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