Pest infestations in West Palm Beach can be a larger problem for homeowners than in other areas in the country. Nearby ports bring in cargo and pests from all over the world that get into the local ecosphere, destroying lawns with no natural predators to stop them.

Professional lawn pest control in West Palm Beach requires a service that understands the incredible varieties in pest populations in Florida. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions technicians have decades of experience in protecting area landscaping from threats such as beetles, crickets, millipedes, and other pests from around the globe.

After an initial interview and inspection, our lawn-care specialists first look at the health of the lawn. Improperly watered landscaping is more vulnerable to insects and other pests, so they examine the positioning of the irrigation heads and design a watering schedule to get the best effects while keeping utility costs down.

After irrigation, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions specialists usually find the lawn is undernourished. Certain types of plants and grasses can complement each other, but others often compete for the same nutrients in the soil. When this happens, team members can quickly determine a feeding schedule to support the current lawn with the right natural and chemical fertilizers. Another option, if approved by the homeowner, is to replace one or more items of the landscaping with options that exist more evenly with the grass and trees.

When examining the landscaping, team members occasionally find a specific shrub or another plant that is a favorite food source of a pest in the local area. When that happens, our staff horticulturalist can recommend an alternative that still complements the home and yard, but is far less attractive as a food source, since there is no way to eliminate the local pest threat.

At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we take every action and precaution needed to protect West Palm Beach lawns. If you have visible signs of an infestation or want to protect newly installed grass, plants, and trees, call us today at (561) 842-4700 to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate of what we can do for your lawn and you.

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