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Every Jupiter homeowner needs to keep their lawn healthy and pest-free. A professional lawn care service can do that with options and control plans that keep pests out with insecticides and pesticides but also protect landscaping with the tailored application of fertilizers and herbicides.

Pest control for your Jupiter lawn starts with a plan of attack and defense. At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we develop an IPM, or an Integrated Pest Management program tailored to each home. Every IPM starts with defense, supporting a healthy lawn to eliminate threats before they can start.

As an example, shrubs and hedges can provide cover for burrowing animals and many types of insects. Our lawn care team trims these hiding places so team members can easily check under them, and the pests go somewhere else to build a home. The same is true for trees. A shade tree helps cool the home and add to a beautiful appearance.

When needed, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions specialists trim away limbs that extend too far or are so heavy they touch the roof. Since many types of insects prefer to use dead branches for colonies, our personnel also remove these.

Along with our landscapers trimming away excess and dead plant material, our on-staff horticulturist determines the best fertilizers to grow healthy a healthy lawn and plants by developing a stronger root system. Staff members also determine which weeds and crabgrasses are present, eliminating them with one of the herbicides in our chemical inventory.

Our defense also helps with the attack part of the program. With the excess or dead shrubs and other landscaping removed, fewer pesticides are needed to kill aphids and other insects. The clear view of the lawn helps our inspectors find trails leading into the home and pinpoint where they need to place traps and inject poisons as well.

Finally, one of our inspectors can inspect the irrigation system for overwatering or areas not getting enough. Resolving any issues must be accomplished by the homeowner or the company that installed the system.

Keeping a lawn and landscaping green and healthy is not a simple task. At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we can do it effectively while using the minimum amount of pesticides to keep the environment clean and still give your home a beautiful, clean appearance. If you have pests or want to develop your own preventive annual, semi-annual, or monthly IPM, call us at (561) 842-4700 today.

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