Protect Your Gardens Property With Our Summer Pest Control Plan

Interior / Exterior Household Pest Control Services

As the temperature continues to rise, different species of pests around Palm Beach Gardens begin to expand, looking for food and new ground for their colonies. Varieties of the pests in our area include those living underground and flying pests that nest in trees, dead wood, or under the eaves of neighborhood homes.

That is why now is the time to protect every property with a Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions Summer Pest Control Plan in Palm Beach Gardens. Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM), our teams help prevent additional threats to area homes before they become a serious problem and also eliminate threats that have presented themselves on the property or inside the home.

To understand the threat to each home, team leaders begin with an inspection. With the incredible number of species of pests, grasses, trees, and plants in South Florida, no two neighbors are alike. In some places, larger estates can even be very different than the ones on either side. Our inspectors carefully identify the landscaping, building materials, and visible pests to tailor the IPM plan for each residence.

Next, the team leader works with the Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions horticulturist to determine the best options for preventing and eliminating threats. With an IPM, this means far more than spraying pesticides. They determine if the landscaping requires more or less water and a specific type of food or fertilizer for healthy grass and plants. Well-cared for landscaping is far more resistant to pests than dry, brown grass and shrubs that get soaked every night from a poorly directed irrigation head.

In a few cases, our teams recommend removal and replacement of a particular shrub or even tree. There are some non-native species very vulnerable to everything from aphids to termites. While it is possible to protect them with pesticides, they serve as a draw to pests, which can affect the structure.

At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, our goal is to provide each homeowner with a thriving property that compliments the residence and is beautiful year-round. To schedule a visit and develop a plan, call us at 561-842-4700 today.

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