Rodents or mice are the greatest headaches any property owner could have. These unwelcome guests can define nuisance while putting your and even your property’s health at risk. Preventing rodent infestation has been a major challenge for most residents in the United States.

Did you know that the teeth of rodents never stop growing? To condition their teeth in good shape, they have to gnaw continuously. Any of your belongings, be it edible, non-edible, belongings with sentimental value it is simply another menu item for rodents.

DIY techniques for removing rodents might sound enticing, and most homeowners succeed in executing these successfully. But do they really succeed in eradicating the problem permanently? Well, that’s a different question altogether.

There are intricate details to rodent removal that even most rodent removal specialists overlook today. Most rodent removal services of today rely on what used to work in the past and easily overlook the fact that rodents are intelligent and evolve mentally and physically.

This post features some crucial aspects that most homeowners miss while trying to remove rodents and these same pointers call for the importance of hiring a rodent removal service.

Do you know your rodents?

The rodent you saw in the kitchen cupboard today, was that cotton rat, simple house mice, or roof rat? If you can tell the difference, you have a good start when it comes to eradicating them.

Rodent removal should start with identifying the rodent type. How successful you are in removing rodents depends on how tailored your approach is for the rodent species.

Do you know your traps?

Before placing rats or mice traps across your house, ask yourself do you know your trap and how to use them effectively. You can also relate this point to the type of rodent that has invaded your house. For example, a snap trap might not work with roof rats, and the glue trap might not be effective with cotton rats.

If you wish to eradicate rodent infestation in your garden or backyard, a glue trap might not be the smartest choice as it can trap other beings, including birds and squirrels. On the other hand, using a conventional snap trap can be risky if you have pets or children at home.

Do you know where to find rodents?

This might surprise you, but rodents can outsmart you easily. They never stop learning and are built to survive and learn from their mistakes.

Did you know mice can enter your house via cracks and crevices as small as a dime?

On the other hand, Rats spend most of their time underground, relying on subterranean tracks to access new areas; this helps prevent crossing paths with predators. A property with a complex structure might call for advanced tools, including thermal imaging, rodent activity detectors to successfully identify rodent nests to eradicate the problem from the core.

Do you know the possible access points of rodents to your house?

There could be myriads of access points that rodents can use to access your house. Blocking these access points is one of the most critical points in your DIY rodent removal checklist. However, rodents are smart enough to find or even create new access points to your house. Once they find access to your house and call it their home, it is hard to keep them off the property.

So if you manage to remove rodents from your home and think you have sealed off all access points, miss a single access point, and you are looking at the same problem in a couple of weeks.

Rats breed non-Stop

Rats are prolific breeders, they need just a pile of paper to shred and make the perfect nest, and the next thing you know is that they are in business.

On the other hand, Rats give birth to a maximum of ten pups and give birth up to six times a year. If you do the math, with no specialist intervention, two rats giving birth in the first place can lead to 1000 rats in your house in a year.

Removing rodents from any property involves detailed planning and execution with the right tools while taking all the sanitary measures, including PPE kits, gloves, masks, and respirators. Overlooking the faintest symptom can turn out to be the biggest mistake. This is why we recommend seeking the help of a rodent removal service with years of expertise and the most advanced tools to eliminate the problem completely.

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